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Vickers F machine gun for PZL.23 Karaś etc. - Airone Hobby

Postprzez Airone Hobby » poniedziałek, 15 kwietnia 2019, 12:41

Dear Polish brethren ;o) ,

I would like to advertise my products, resin machine guns Vickers F.
They are made from 3D printed masters, include high quality resin + photoetched gunsights. They have to be assembled, but there is a location pin at the rear end of the gun barrel, so attachment is very easy. Also, there are spares - from each package, you can make two complete guns and still have one barrel, one set of gunsights and two magazines left.
I offer both 1/72 and 1/48 version.



You can buy my products from large eshops like Hannants or Aviation Megastore, or directly from me. I accept Paypal payments. Or you can meet me in Moson, Modellbrno etc. and pay in cash.
If you are interested in wholesale purchase, let me know. (Ideally through contact form on my website, see below)

I make some other things too, as you can see here:
or here:

...I just thought it would be good to feature the Vickers F guns on a Polish forum, since their best known use was on Polish airplanes - like PZL.23 Karaś or PZL.37 Łoś.

Airone Hobby
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